Kitty in Sparkling Pink
Robert Tonner's Kitty Collier
is a 1950's style fashion
doll.               She is 18" tall.
Pink is her "Signature" color.
Kitty in Tweed Suit
The blouse is reversible and a
hat and purse are included
Custom-Made Doll Clothes for Every
Occasion and Every Doll
Everyone knows how to do something well. Whether it's playing a guitar,
gardening, carpentry, knitting....we've all acquired certain skills in our lives,
and it's only right that we should want to share the results of our hobby.
For me, making doll clothes has become a passion. I started out 50 years ago
making clothes for my Barbie and have now come full circle.....back to doll
clothes - hoping to make a hobby into a small business. Hoping to make doll
owners a little happier. Hoping to make a doll happier with a new outfit
and accessories.
Showcase for Doll Fashions
On this site I am going to showcase many of the ensembles that I have
made recently. Most of them are sold but anything can be made again....
or changed....or shortened...or lengthened.....if the fabric is available....
We can work it out, I am sure.
Dolls that I have sewn for recently:
I love to get mail...please contact me with any questions you
might have regarding pricing or availability. I believe my prices
are reasonable and I know my work is of high quality. Thank you
for taking the time to visit my website and please take a look at
my Fashion Gallery.
I try to make my outfits ( or at least some parts of it ) reversible. More
outfits for your dollars. Jackets, skirts, slacks and blouses can all be made
to reverse to a different fabric therefore a different look.
I line everything I make so no seams are ever exposed unless I specifically
mention them....i.e., jeans are not lined but their edges are finished.
Custom Made Doll Clothes
Robert Tonner's 18" and 10"  Kitty Collier
Robert Tonner's 18" Miss America
Robert Tonner's 10" & 18" Ann Estelle
Robert Tonner's 16" Ellowyne Wilde
Madame Alexander's Modern 21" Cissy
Linda Rick 22" and 18" Lovee Dolls
Goodreau 16" ball jointed dolls        
Buzz Lightyear, 18" Godspell, 12" Clint Eastwood      
22" American Model  
American Girl dolls                                                                    
......almost any doll   BUT PLEASE.....NO BARBIES.....tooooooo small
Kris V and Company